Original Music

The first five songs below are rough mixes of current songs in various states of progress. They’re targeted for a new collection of songs tentatively titled “Regular Expressions”.

Currently working on “Zero Day” – it’s just a guitar riff with a quick little test guitar solo at this point. Not sure where it’s going yet, but it will be updated here as it moves along. “Shadow Work” is an instrumental currently being converted to a song with lyrics called “Picture of You”. The other songs are tests of various DAWs from over the past few years that might make it into the project in some form or another.

These next songs are a bit older and sound outdated. They were created in the 90s using a Roland synth, Cakewalk Sonar, and lots of outboard gear. Most were released via Tunecore under the artist name “Departure From Normal”. (Click here to see why that name is no longer in use.)

And here are some older tunes…