Music Collaboration

Some older nostalgic songs I worked on with others from 1986 to 1990.

Song Notes…

  • No More, No MoreShawn Beckman wrote this one. He sings and plays flute in our old 4 track studio. West Chester, Ohio. 1988.
  • She’s So Dangerous & Don’t Fall in Love – Sean McGary wrote and performed the guitars. Rick Wichmann wrote and performed lyrics and vocals. I played drums. Sean played bass on Don’t Fall in Love, and I played bass on She’s So Dangerous. Reading, Ohio. 1990.
  • House of Bricks & Gentlemen of Poverty – Tom Harmon wrote and recorded these two on a four track. We went in to a 16 track studio added my drums. Both songs are property of NovaLite Music. Reading, Ohio, 1990.
  • Sean’s Spawn – Guitars were written and performed by Sean McGary. We did this one on a four track with me playing the tiny buttons on a chinsy drum machine by hand. This one is really rough production-wise, but his solo around 1:20 is worth the time it takes to click. I’ve got a little guitar solo towards the very end, but it pales by comparison. Fairfield, Ohio. 1986.
  • Missing in Action – This song was written by someone whose name I don’t remember. He directed me on the rhythm guitar, and then I added drums and bass. Another guy whose name I also never knew came in later and added another rhythm track, vocals, and lead guitar. Reading, Ohio. 1987.

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