Storm Video on Local News

Our southeast skycam caught the formation of a storm front on Friday, July 7. It was part of a larger weather system that caused widespread damage, power outages, and flooding throughout the Cincinnati area. WLWT channel 5 news created a time lapse version of the video. And I edited a time lapse version of my own that […]

Weather Bias in the Media

When I talk about “weather bias in the media” it isn’t about global warming or climate change. It’s about TV meteorologists who characterize “warm and clear” as good, and “cold and cloudy” as bad. Big time important stuff! It would never have occurred to me except that I’ve always preferred “bad” weather. I’ll take a […]

Lightning Strike

A lively late-summer storm rolled through around 2am overnight, setting off several severe thunderstorm warnings. This lightning strike was a little too close for comfort.

Red Sky at Night, Samely and Trite

Nothing has less character than a clear sky. Some of life’s most dramatic, scary, exhilarating, dangerous, deadly, and beautiful moments happen just above us, in the troposphere. Each event is unique and grand in scale. People say that you only talk about the weather when there’s nothing else to talk about. I can’t think of […]

Resurrection of a Personal Weather Station

I recently ran across the Davis Vantage Vue compact weather station in the latest AES amateur radio catalog and decided to buy it to replace my old Scientific Oregon WMR-968, a station in total disrepair. Putting the new station together turned out to be easier than taking the old one apart. Besides being a huge spider convention, the bolts on the old […]

Happy Little Rainbow

I caught a few pictures of a rainbow at the end of a small storm today. It looks like the pot o’ gold is somewhere in the vicinity of a Blockbuster.