Weather Bias

When I refer to “weather bias in the media” it isn’t about global warming, or climate change, or any politically charged debate. It’s about the indefatigable onslaught of adjectives used by TV meteorologists to characterize “warm and clear” as good, and “cold and cloudy” as bad. Big time important stuff.

It wouldn’t have occurred to me except that I’ve always preferred inclement weather. I like it chilly, cloudy, and rainy. I would take a little snow over a nasty blue summer sky any time. So call me neurotic, but when a meteorologist says, “The clouds will clear, it will warm up, and the rest of the day will be NICE,” it rents a lot of otherwise-empty space in my head.

Why the bias?

Maybe it’s because farming is so dependent on the right weather. It’s related to survival; evolutionary and deeply ingrained in our psyche. Can’t argue with that.

Or maybe it’s because driving to work in the rain is hard, and getting out of the car requires an awkwardly-deployed contraption to stay dry. But doesn’t all this concentration help keep us rooted in the present moment? And doesn’t doing the harder thing make us better people? Aren’t these good things? I think so.

It could be that there IS some kind of political motivation behind it that I simply haven’t uncovered yet. Some kind of financial gain for TV stations, or a political party, or (gasp) the Illuminati. Maybe a conspiracy created by the Florida Dept. of Tourism, or Speedo International.

Or perhaps I’m just a rebel. A weather rebel in squeaky galoshes and a bright red toboggan cap.

(Originally posted here for day 3 of the YourTurnChallenge)