Trash Transport Technology

Trash Transport Technology … or “T3” as I call it.

Taking out the trash has always been a stereotypically male chore. So how is it that moving trash from the inside of the house to the outside of the house hasn’t been automated by some lazy inventor by now?

Air conditioning has been around since 1902. Automatic dishwashers since 1917. The first clothes washing device (the washboard) was invented in 1797! Maybe the key to making your own life easier is not necessarily to automate, but to first make sure your spouse is happy.

It wouldn’t require a complex system. I don’t have any da Vinci sketches to offer, but we’re really just talking about a horizontally oriented dumbwaiter. Something to move a small receptacle of items from point A to point B to point C.

What are the economics? Maybe there just aren’t any incentives. Or maybe such an invention would threaten Teamsters jobs, a boat that nobody in their right mind wants to rock.

Oh well. No flying car, and no automatic trash transport system.

(Originally posted here for day 1 of the YourTurnChallenge)