Robbers Crash at Mother-In-Law’s House

Robbers WreckOn Thursday morning I was listening to the police scanner as it often makes for good background listening while working. All of a sudden there was a big police chase moving across Hamilton County that originated in southeast Indiana where suspects had just robbed an auto parts store. Anytime a chase crosses state lines it becomes a bigger deal than the average pursuit. The local TV stations were even breaking into regular programming at this point.

After a while, I noticed they were moving toward Golf Manor and getting very close to my mother-in-law’s house, the house where my wife grew up. Imagine the surprise when they said the suspects had just wrecked at the intersection where she lives. I called the wife at work, and she called her mom. It turns out that they wrecked into the telephone pole right in front of her house, and they had taped off her yard. What a way to wake up! The passenger was captured near the scene of the wreck with lots of cash, and the driver fled to an apartment complex a couple blocks away.

Almost all of the TV coverage was centered around the SWAT team who eventually arrested the second guy hours later. But WXIX Channel 19 did manage to show one quick clip of the wreck, which is the picture shown above. It looks like it was taken from my mother-in-law’s driveway, with the yellow police tape leading over toward either end of her house.

What are the odds?!

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