Epic Movie Soundtrack Fail

It’s fun to experiment with different kinds of music to use in the background while working. Most vocal music is too distracting, so I usually stick to instrumental music.

Today I gave “Epic Movie Soundtracks” a shot. This differs from other movie soundtracks in that it’s just instrumental music – usually Modern Classical – that creates mood behind the scenes. As opposed to Julie Andrews wailing on about how alive the hills are. But the operative word here is: MOOD. And in a big way…

During the first half hour it felt like I was being frantically chased. Very stressful. Heart rate increased. Paranoia off the charts.

The next seven minutes brought a general sense of impending doom. What colossal catastrophe happened in this movie? I was afraid to look out the window for fear that the city was gone.

The next four minutes had me wistfully gazing off the front of a large ship that was about to hit an iceberg. Possibly in the early 1900s. I knew what movie this was from, but that didn’t stop me from quietly reflecting on my life – because it was about to end. Abruptly. With a splash.

Well, needless to say I wasn’t getting any work done even though it felt like I’d been through the wringer.

Experiment: Fail.

Next up: Drums & Bass…

(Originally posted here for day 7 of the YourTurnChallenge)