A Boy Band Stole My Name

dfn_babyImagine the surprise when I looked at my Reverb Nation listing and saw that I was scheduled to play some gigs in southeast England!

I started using the name “Departure From Normal” as a pseudonym to create music with in 2007. It’s a wordy weather term that’s awkward to say and hard to remember. I honestly didn’t think anyone else would ever use it for music. But leave it to the Brits!

A quick search turned up an English¬†boy band from Brighton UK, and I think you’ll agree that Daniel, Kane, Jordan and Pete are positively dreamy! No picture of Pete yet? Drummers never get any respect.

Their online presence has grown a lot since I first discovered them, but it looks like they’re still playing mostly high school gigs. They’re not selling out Wembley just yet, but maybe they’ll come looking for the .com version of the domain when they blow up stateside in a few years. Or maybe they’ll have real jobs by then and departure from normal will go back to being just a weather term.

In the meantime, go buy a DFN T-Shirt for your baby. Only 17 quid!

Obviously Reverb Nation is creating show listings based on an automatic search. It seems like that feature should be turned off by default given the inevitability of these kinds of mistakes. But this isn’t the only place where our information is being mixed up, so I’m going back to using my own name for now.

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