Digital Voice Hotspot Addiction

Digital Voice Shack
Digital Voice Shack

Messing around with Internet-connected hotspots has become quite an addiction.

Here is a photo of my latest Digital Voice ham shack, as it were. Shown here are two DVMegas, a VHF DVAP, a DV4mini, and a SharkRF openSPOT looking particularly pleased with itself.

Most of the Raspberry Pis are now running Pi-Star, including a Pi Zero peeking out from behind the MD-380 on the left.

Not pictured is a new HS_Hat, bought mostly for listening to P25. And thanks to new features in MMDVMhost and Pi-Star, it’s now a bridge from Yaesu System Fusion to both P25 and NXDN.

Is this the miniature version of the classic antenna farm? Maybe an “antenna garden.”