Canonical Tags: More Than Just SEO

There are so many things you need to keep in mind when baking HTML into code. Here’s one that recently caught me by surprise… I work with several web sites that use AddSearch for their on-site search engine. AddSearch, based in Helsinki, Finland, provides a highly customizable search interface that you can add to almost […]

Caching Static Content with Cloudways

Cloudways offers a convenient web interface that simplifies the system administration tasks involved in deploying and hosting a website, while still providing access to the Linux command line for advanced users. However, as with any convenience, there can be compromises. Recently, I migrated some personal websites from Digital Ocean to a single Digital Ocean backed […]

Learning Ruby

After recently using the Ruby-based s3sync tools to handle backups to Amazon’s S3 service, it seemed a good time to give the Ruby programming language a fair shake and see what all the hubbub was about.  I had a little exposure to Ruby a couple years ago using a book tutorial to create a blog […]

Twitter vs. RSS

While reading tech news stories, I often see writers mention that RSS feeds are becoming irrelevant due to the increasing popularity of Twitter and Facebook, and the ability to get news through their feeds.  They would have you believe that RSS feeds and readers are on the way out, but I think quite the opposite […]

Does Bing Matter?

When Microsoft first announced their new search engine and Google competitor, Bing, back in late May, I didn’t really give it much thought. I still don’t. In fact, I don’t personally know any non-techie person who has brought it up in general conversation. While that may not change, it might be worth examining a few […]

Automatic Email Responders in Gmail and Google Apps

While helping one of our customers figure out how to do an email auto-responder, I ran into an interesting way to do it with either Google Apps or a regular Gmail account. The following article outlines the process of setting it up: Basically, it allows you to take the “canned response” feature available in […]

37signals – Getting Real, BaseCamp, & Ruby on Rails

The company I work for recently discovered a product called BaseCamp, and the company that built it, called 37signals. We were simply in search of a project management solution and ended up finding somewhat of a philosophy (as well as a project management solution). This philosophy is outlined in the book Getting Real. Now, I’m […]

Mailman, Debian Sarge, and the MIME Patch

Just posting this here so that maybe somebody else searching for this problem might find a quicker answer. I couldn’t find anything via Google. Anyway… I’m using the Mailman mailing list package in Debian Sarge (now at version 2.1.5-8sarge2). When trying to solve the problem of Mailman attaching the mailing list standard footer to HTML […]