WPEngine and Cookie Exclusions

When troubleshooting a problem on a site that’s new to you, what do you do first? Start tracing code? Or search Google? In this situation, I’d think you need to start tracing code to first understand the underlying technology. But maybe not always. I was working on a WordPress site that’s supposed to remember a […]

So Long, Tree (video)

Fifteen years ago, Deb and I were on the back porch watching a routine thunderstorm when we heard a loud crack. Uh… It came from somewhere nearby. Not the familiar crack of thunder, but more like it sounds when you snap a twig. The beautiful Bradford pear tree in our front yard had just lost […]

Trash Transport Technology

Trash Transport Technology … or “T3” as I call it. Taking out the trash has always been a stereotypically male chore. So how is it that moving trash from the inside of the house to the outside of the house hasn’t been automated by some lazy inventor by now? Air conditioning has been around since […]

Observation Over Inspiration

A good quote is a short piece of free form poetry. I prefer abstraction and observation over inspiration and poignancy, and mostly just value the wisdom and levity in quotes. I’ll leave inspiration to be found in full blown art and concepts. With that in mind, this is the small collection of seemingly trivial quotes […]

Quick Comparison: Fitbit Charge and Jawbone UP24

I was looking for a new caffeine-tracking app to replace one that had recently stopped working with the latest version of iOS and stumbled onto an app called UP Coffee. Aside from doing an admirable job of tracking caffeine intake, I learned that it also syncs with the Jawbone UP app and wearable fitness devices. […]

Webcam Catharsis in Downtown Troy, Ohio

I love watching the live webcam in downtown Troy, Ohio, my old home town. Take a look. As a kid, I must have circled that square thousands of times. On foot, bike, and in car. With friends, family, and by myself. It hasn’t changed much in 30 years. The fountain, the old buildings, and the […]

Every band name you’ve ever thought of has been taken. Ever!

Sorry, you’re too late. There aren’t any band names left. Every possible band name you could ever think of has been used! Okay, so that’s not true, but sometimes it seems like it. Who hasn’t heard an interesting word or ironic phrase that sets off the alarm, “that would make a great band name!”?  I […]

International Space Station Overhead

Debbi took some quick video of the International Space Station going across the sky.  The Flip camera doesn’t have image stabilization, so it’s a bit shaky and looks more like scary UFO footage. August 27, 2010.

Gatlinburg 2009 Highlights

Some quick highlights of Deb’s Gatlinburg 2009 trip with Sheri and Judy, taken by Debbi with the Flip camera.

Robbers Crash at Mother-In-Law’s House

On Thursday morning I was listening to the police scanner as it often makes for good background listening while working. All of a sudden there was a big police chase moving across Hamilton County that originated in southeast Indiana where suspects had just robbed an auto parts store. Anytime a chase crosses state lines it […]