Storm Video on Local News

Our southeast skycam caught the formation of a storm front on Friday, July 7. It was part of a larger weather system that caused widespread damage, power outages, and flooding throughout the Cincinnati area. WLWT channel 5 news created a time lapse version of the video. And I edited a time lapse version of my own that […]

Playstation Vue a Mixed Bag

Debbi and I dropped our cable service in early 2015 and officially became cord cutters. We started with a TiVo Roamio for over the air programming. Soon after, we added SlingTV—DISH’s live TV streaming service—to get her cooking shows and my sports programming. As of this writing, SlingTV has an odd interface, and questionable customer service. […]

Leonard Nimoy, The Great Paris

As a youngster, Mission Impossible was one of the few shows I liked that was made for adults. I always hoped for an episode with the retired magician from Cleveland (why Cleveland?) known only as The Great Paris, Master of Disguise. What was his real name? You don’t know? Of course not—nobody knew! No doubt, Martin […]

Epic Movie Soundtrack Fail

It’s fun to experiment with background music while working. Vocal music can be distracting, so I usually stick with instrumentals. Today I tried an “Epic Movie Soundtracks” playlist. These are different from other movie soundtracks because they’re just instrumentals—usually Modern Classical—that create mood behind the scenes. That’s as opposed to Julie Andrews wailing on about […]

Weather Bias in the Media

When I talk about “weather bias in the media” it isn’t about global warming or climate change. It’s about TV meteorologists who characterize “warm and clear” as good, and “cold and cloudy” as bad. Big time important stuff! It would never have occurred to me except that I’ve always preferred “bad” weather. I’ll take a […]

Contact, a Quick Excerpt

“Contact” has always been one of my three favorite movies, and now I’m finally getting around to reading the book. I just ran across this paragraph… “Beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, on the other side of the sky, is a universe teeming with radio emission. By studying radio waves you can learn about planets and stars […]

Porcupine Tree – Arriving Somewhere

Wow, I don’t have enough good things to say about the new Porcupine Tree DVD, Arriving Somewhere. From the tight musicianship to the crisp cinematography, this is just a well done concert DVD. I ordered a limited edition numbered advance copy of this DVD a few months ago from Burning Shed, and then promptly forgot […]

Are Commercial Sound Effects Too Loud?

Is it just me, or have the routine sound effects in commercials become so loud as to be annoyingly overbearing. You know, like footsteps in gravel or on concrete, drinking, eating, phones/pagers, keyboard and mouse clicks… I know that commercial audio tracks are usually highly compressed so as to sound apparently louder while remaining at […]