Epic Movie Soundtrack Fail

It’s fun to experiment with background music while working. Vocal music can be distracting, so I usually stick with instrumentals. Today I tried an “Epic Movie Soundtracks” playlist. These are different from other movie soundtracks because they’re just instrumentals—usually Modern Classical—that create mood behind the scenes. That’s as opposed to Julie Andrews wailing on about […]

Trash Transport Technology

Trash Transport Technology … or “T3” as I call it. Taking out the trash has always been a stereotypically male chore. So how is it that moving trash from the inside of the house to the outside of the house hasn’t been automated by some lazy inventor by now? Air conditioning has been around since […]

Observation Over Inspiration

A good quote is a short piece of free form poetry. I prefer abstraction and observation over inspiration and poignancy, and mostly just value the wisdom and levity in quotes. I’ll leave inspiration to be found in full blown art and concepts. With that in mind, this is the small collection of seemingly trivial quotes […]

Major League Soccer Needs Drama

Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber’s plan of steady growth certainly seems to be working. International players continue to move to the United States, and the number of MLS teams is expanding in a surprisingly stable way. But there’s still something boring about it all. It seems too… clinical? Too steril maybe? MLS just isn’t […]

Weather Bias in the Media

When I talk about “weather bias in the media” it isn’t about global warming or climate change. It’s about TV meteorologists who characterize “warm and clear” as good, and “cold and cloudy” as bad. Big time important stuff! It would never have occurred to me except that I’ve always preferred “bad” weather. I’ll take a […]

Quick Comparison: Fitbit Charge and Jawbone UP24

I was looking for a new caffeine-tracking app to replace one that had recently stopped working with the latest version of iOS and stumbled onto an app called UP Coffee. Aside from doing an admirable job of tracking caffeine intake, I learned that it also syncs with the Jawbone UP app and wearable fitness devices. […]

Sandwich Impossible

I’m close to having a Standard Operating Procedure for making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at 3 AM without waking a dog, which then wakes a disgruntled wife. It involves air freshener, artificial sound disbursement, and event colocation. Peanut butter and jelly was almost certainly created for the sole purpose of eating while watching “Welcome […]