Music Creation

I’ve been writing instrumental music in different versions of a home studio for about 35 years. Organizing and doing something with these songs seems like more of a bucket list item these days, but here they are none-the-less.

The first song, “DC to Daylight”, is just a test while moving to PreSonus Studio One on Windows. It’s only the initial drums and bass at the moment and mixed kind of low. The next four songs were in progress in Apple Logic Pro until I decided to abandon the Mac. They might be ported to Studio One depending on how easily they translate. (Last update: 2021-11-10)

The following songs were some ideas in various states of progress that may or may not be finished at some point.

These next songs are pretty outdated. They were created in the 90s using a Roland synth, Cakewalk Sonar, and a bit of outboard gear. Most were released via Tunecore under the artist name “Departure From Normal”.

And here are some older tunes…